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Exact Wrist Size:

Exact Wrist Size

  • Natural Dumortierite ( Norway ) 6mm Microbeads™ 
  • Titanium Silver Hardware
  • 10-year repair coverage included
  • Originally made by Homura Workshop
  • Reminder: Please note that the actual color of the stone may vary, exhibiting lighter or darker shades and may have variations within the color family compared to what is shown in the images. Such variations are natural and inherent to genuine stones and crystals, emphasizing their unique and organic properties.


  • Increase your level of understanding and patience in difficult situations
  • Stimulates the brain and brings enhanced intuition and intellectual abilities.
  • A highly useful aid for anyone who is studying as it assists the retention of information, as well as improving your willpower and mental capacity
  • Encourages confidence and standing up for oneself, whilst staying true to one’s beliefs and feelings