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Natural Sapphire, Choker

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  • Natural Blue Sapphire Stones ( Tibet, Nepal ) ~4mm Microbeads™
  • Titanium Silver Hardware
  • 18 inches choker
  • Lifetime guarantee 
  • 10-year repair coverage included
  • Originally made by Homura Workshop


  • Promotes wisdom and spiritual truth. It is believed to be connected with the conscience, allowing the wearer to access a deeper understanding of oneself through enhanced thinking and learning ability
  • The sapphire is an ideal gemstone for those looking to channel their energies into clear, positive thinking to accomplish goals
  • Ancient Greeks wore this gemstone at Delphi when meeting with the Oracle to obtain knowledge about their future. In medieval times, the sapphire represented celestial holiness and faith
  • Additionally, the sapphire is known to be a stone of commitment and fidelity. Wearing a sapphire gifted by a loved one signifies that the bond will be everlasting and the partners will have a deep attachment to each.