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Article: 5 Crystals For Well-Balanced + Sensible Life

5 Crystals For Well-Balanced + Sensible Life

5 Crystals For Well-Balanced + Sensible Life

When we are ungrounded, we can get confused, stressed and not able to think clearly, which can cause us to lose our direction.
Here are some ways of staying grounded and fully present so that we can feel calm whatever is going on around us:

  1. Walking on the ground with bare feet allows electrons from the earth to travel into the body, creating a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect. Just 10 – 20 minutes a day can leave you feeling reenergised and rebalanced.
  2. In Chinese medicine the Kidney 1 meridian points on the soles of the feet are responsible for connecting us with the earth. Rubbing these points or visualising the energy of the earth flowing up through this point and in to the meridians has a very grounding effect.
  3. A healthy base chakra connects us with the earth and gives us a foundation to build our lives on, allowing us to feel balanced, secure and supported. When this chakra is underactive we can feel ungrounded, disconnected and lacking stability in life. To strengthen the base chakra we can:
  • Eat red foods such as strawberries, beetroot and apples.
  • Work with the earth e.g. planting seeds or gardening.
  • Chant the sound ‘lam’ while meditating
  • Use positive affirmations that resonate with the base chakra such as ‘I am safe and secure’ I am grounded and at peace’ I have everything I need’.
  • Visualise a red energy at the tailbone which is reenergising and grounding your whole body.


     4. We can also use crystals with grounding properties:

  • Hematite is one of the most powerful grounding stones, especially if you are feeling confused or lacking concentration. It’s especially useful for meditation or shamanic journeying as it protects the soul and grounds it back in the body.
  • Obsidian has a stabilising, grounding effect that can help you to feel strengthened and anchored to the earth. Holding a piece in each hand will allow you to rebalance and gain focus.
  • Smoky Quartz strengthens the base chakra, allowing you to feel grounded in the earth. It removes heavy negative energies from the body and is especially useful for improving concentration and organisation.
  • Tigers Eye can help you to feel calm and centred in stressful situations. It increases energy and strength, allowing you to take practical action towards achieving goals.
  • Jasper has a strong connection with the base chakra and energy of the earth. It reinvigorates the body and increases life force and physical strength.

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