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Article: Intuitive Astro Forecast

Intuitive Astro Forecast

Intuitive Astro Forecast

A new decade is here!

2020 holds some of the most transformative and life-changing aspects we have seen in a long time! The frequency of the Universe is rising and all of us have chosen to be here to help lift the planet in a new and positive direction.

A lot of what unfolds in 2020 will shape the decade to come, especially on a global level, and we are all instrumental in the shift that is slowly going to unfold.

The Saturn Pluto Conjunction (and Jupiter)

The biggest alignment to take place in 2020 is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which is definitely a huge astrological headline!

Saturn and Pluto meet every 35-38 years or so (with the last one being in 1983), but none of us alive today have experienced this meeting in Capricorn and none of us ever will again.

This is rare, big energy that will really be a key player all through the year and through the decade.

While Saturn and Pluto will align or conjunct each other only once on January 12th, 2020, they will be dancing through the cosmic skies making special alignments all through the year with Jupiter joining in too!

While this energy has many layers to it, it can be summarized simply as an alignment that brings destruction and a need to rebuild in order to create a new world.

We are likely to see this “destruction and rebuilding” taking place in Capricorn-related areas which include the government, big business, the economy, and banking.

The energy of this alignment can also bring power struggles and a shift of power or how we view power as a society.

Jupiter’s presence may also help to create the starting of a new paradigm where we change what we value as a society.

As mentioned this is a big, transformative energy and it will be interesting to see how it plays out over the course of the year and even into the new decade.

While this energy is something we mostly feel on a global or collective level, we may see things mirrored in our own lives too, and feel this need to rebuild areas that are no longer aligned with where we want to be putting our power.

Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter will remain in Capricorn for most of the year. This strong Capricorn energy means we are all going to be encouraged to stay grounded and to focus on really building and creating something that is tangible.

Saturn Moves into Aquarius

While Saturn will be in Capricorn for most of the year, it also briefly dips its toes into Aquarius.

This is another big shift we will feel as Saturn has been in Capricorn for the last 2.5 years. Having Saturn enter a new sign will bring fresh energy and a new set of lessons for all of us to work with.

As Saturn prepares to make this transition, we will be guided to bring closure to the karmic lessons we have been working with over the last 2.5 years.

The good news with this is that when Saturn leaves one zodiac for another, it tends to leave a gift behind, almost like a reward for all of our hard work!

Saturn briefly enters Aquarius on March 21st, 2020 but leaves again a few months later. On December 17th, 2020 it will move back into Aquarius where it will remain for the next 2.5 years.

Interestingly, Jupiter will also move into Aquarius a few days later on December 19th, 2020 but Saturn and Jupiter together in Aquarius is something we will explore more in 2021.

The Lunar Nodes Changing Signs and Six Eclipses

In 2020, we start and end the year with Eclipses and have Eclipses midway through the year too in June and July.

The Lunar Nodes, which are mathematical points that dictate the Eclipse cycles will also be changing signs in 2020.

They have been working the axis of Cancer and Capricorn since 2018, but in May 2020, they will move to Gemini and Sagittarius. This means that we will start to see the Eclipses moving out of Capricorn and Cancer and into Gemini and Sagittarius, signaling the start of a new Eclipse cycle.

We typically have four Eclipses each year- two Solar Eclipses and two Lunar Eclipses, but the interesting thing about 2020 is that we have six Eclipses! This won’t happen again until 2029.

What is even more interesting however, is that four of these Eclipses are Lunar Eclipses!

Having four Lunar Eclipses can be a little intense as they are usually more jarring than a Solar Eclipse. It enhances this message from the Universe that big shifts and changes are on the way.

Eclipses open portals to new pathways, but Lunar Eclipses usually mean we have to let something go in order for the path to be accessed. There may be a lot of letting go in 2020, and this is something we are all going to feel regardless of our sign.


Another major event in 2020 is the number of retrogrades we have!

Mercury retrogrades as usual as do the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto), but this year we also have Venus and Mars going retrograde, which only happens once every 2 to 2.5 years.

Having both of these planets go retrograde in the same year is going to slow down the energy and may make things feel a little sluggish. However, with all the power alignments that 2020 brings, this is really a good thing!

Having these significant retrogrades gives us a chance to catch our breath and integrate the changes and shifts that are taking place.

Venus will retrograde from May 12th-June 24th and Mars from September 9th -November 13th.


Even though this is an astrology forecast, the numerology is also interesting to note!

2020 is also a number 4 year in numerology, which is a number that represents coming home to the self. We may feel this energy coursing through the year as well.

In fact, we can even ask ourselves- what does it mean to feel at home in who I am? In my body? And in my life?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring.

If we look at the repeated number pattern for 2020 it also connects to this idea of duality and working together, symbolized by the number 2 and this idea of infinite potential, symbolized by the number 0.

Infinite potential when we work together is also another theme for 2020, so keep that in mind too and see how it may resonate with you as you move through the year.

Stay tuned for more on your Personal Numerology for 2020!


2020 is a big year of shifts, but these shifts carry the potential for us to aim higher, dream bigger, and shift the direction of the world on a new level.

We are really being guided to shift to a higher consciousness and to find a new definition of what success and happiness really means, not just on an individual level, but on a global level too.

2020 is the perfect year to put actionable goals into place and to take responsibility for the life you want to live. It is a year to build your dream, to create a new foundation, and to focus on community and connectedness.

The energy of the planets all feel to be vibrating on a higher level, so let’s align our vibrations with them. Let us experience life on a higher level.

Let us keep rising, for we are all co-creators in this dimension; we all have a paintbrush in hand and all of us are just as important, and just as special to the bigger picture.

Let us keep creating, keep growing, and painting the world in the new colors we collect along the way.

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