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Growth + Direction

Stability, firmness and focus are the good vibrations you need to work with your direction. Keep your focus aligned and strengthen your willpower with the help of these crystals.

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Dumortierite Sale priceFrom ₱1,799.00 PHP
Black Onyx 8mmBlack Onyx 8mm
Black Onyx 8mm Sale price₱4,299.00 PHP
Sodalite 8mmSodalite 8mm
Sodalite 8mm Sale price₱4,299.00 PHP
Amethyst Sale priceFrom ₱2,588.39 PHP
Bronzite Maxbeads™Bronzite Maxbeads™
Bronzite Maxbeads™ Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Yogi® Onyx NecklaceYogi® Onyx Necklace
Yogi® Onyx Necklace Sale price₱4,499.00 PHP
Bronzite 6mmBronzite 6mm
Bronzite 6mm Sale priceFrom ₱1,159.82 PHP
Iron PyriteIron Pyrite
Iron Pyrite Sale priceFrom ₱1,650.00 PHP
Red Tiger Eye 8mmRed Tiger Eye 8mm
Red Tiger Eye 8mm Sale price₱3,999.00 PHP
Black Onyx 6mmBlack Onyx 6mm
Black Onyx 6mm Sale price₱3,299.00 PHP
Shuji® Black Onyx, GoldShuji® Black Onyx, Gold
Shuji® Black Onyx, Gold Sale price₱2,999.00 PHP
Havok® Tiger EyeHavok® Tiger Eye
Havok® Tiger Eye Sale price₱3,999.00 PHP
Pietro® Sale price₱3,999.00 PHP
Black Onyx HamsaBlack Onyx Hamsa
Black Onyx Hamsa Sale price₱2,999.00 PHP
Hamilton® Lapis LazuliHamilton® Lapis Lazuli
Hamilton® Lapis Lazuli Sale price₱3,499.00 PHP
Titus® Black OnyxTitus® Black Onyx
Titus® Black Onyx Sale price₱2,999.00 PHP
Green Prehnite 6mmGreen Prehnite 6mm
Green Prehnite 6mm Sale price₱3,799.00 PHP
Labradorite 6mmLabradorite 6mm
Labradorite 6mm Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Larvikite Sale price₱3,799.00 PHP
Siberian Labradorite 8mmSiberian Labradorite 8mm
Siberian Labradorite 8mm Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Peruvian Blue Apatite 6mmPeruvian Blue Apatite 6mm
Peruvian Blue Apatite 6mm Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Moroccan SunstoneMoroccan Sunstone
Moroccan Sunstone Sale priceFrom ₱1,499.00 PHP
Green Prehnite 8mmGreen Prehnite 8mm
Green Prehnite 8mm Sale price₱4,899.00 PHP
Chrysanthemum StoneChrysanthemum Stone
Chrysanthemum Stone Sale priceFrom ₱1,299.00 PHP
Blue ChalcedonyBlue Chalcedony
Blue Chalcedony Sale priceFrom ₱2,950.00 PHP
Sold outFluorite Pocket™ 11.2 gFluorite Pocket™ 11.2 g
Fluorite Pocket™ 11.2 g Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Sold outFluorite Pocket™ 6.8 gFluorite Pocket™ 6.8 g
Fluorite Pocket™ 6.8 g Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Sold outFluorite Pocket™ 11.3 gFluorite Pocket™ 11.3 g
Fluorite Pocket™ 11.3 g Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Sold outFluorite Pocket™ 10.1 gFluorite Pocket™ 10.1 g
Fluorite Pocket™ 10.1 g Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Rhodochrosite 6mmRhodochrosite 6mm
Rhodochrosite 6mm Sale price₱4,499.00 PHP
Serpentine 6mmSerpentine 6mm
Serpentine 6mm Sale price₱3,499.00 PHP
Black SunstoneBlack Sunstone
Black Sunstone Sale price₱3,799.00 PHP
Nimitz® OnyxNimitz® Onyx
Nimitz® Onyx Sale price₱3,299.00 PHP
Shuji® Onyx, SilverShuji® Onyx, Silver
Shuji® Onyx, Silver Sale price₱3,299.00 PHP
Cayman® Black PearlsCayman® Black Pearls
Cayman® Black Pearls Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP