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Passion + Creativity

When you want to establish a good creative nature, use crystals for passion and creativity get inspired. These crystals can draw out your infinite imagination and passion, no matter what area of your life needs a boost of excitement. Not just for artists, these crystals can support you in your professional and personal endeavours.

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Peruvian Blue ApatitePeruvian Blue Apatite
Peruvian Blue Apatite Sale price₱3,399.00 PHP
Carnelian 8mmCarnelian 8mm
Carnelian 8mm Sale price₱2,650.00 PHP
Seven Day JasperSeven Day Jasper
Seven Day Jasper Sale price₱2,399.00 PHP
Natural Carnelian 6mmNatural Carnelian 6mm
Natural Carnelian 6mm Sale price₱2,499.00 PHP
Horus® ApatiteHorus® Apatite
Horus® Apatite Sale price₱2,399.00 PHP
Durin® JasperDurin® Jasper
Durin® Jasper Sale price₱2,399.00 PHP
Picture JasperPicture Jasper
Picture Jasper Sale price₱2,199.00 PHP
Picasso JasperPicasso Jasper
Picasso Jasper Sale price₱2,499.00 PHP
Naples® Pearl 6mm NecklaceNaples® Pearl 6mm Necklace
Naples® Pearl 6mm Necklace Sale price₱7,499.00 PHP
Naples® Pearl 4mm NecklaceNaples® Pearl 4mm Necklace
Naples® Pearl 4mm Necklace Sale priceFrom ₱4,950.00 PHP