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[ A - Z ] Gemstone Collection

We search and curate the best crystals from around the world, making wearable pieces that harness their healing and energizing properties. every crystal has its own unique energy signature; choose the one that best aligns with you.

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Afghan Lazuli 8mmAfghan Lazuli 8mm
Afghan Lazuli 8mm Sale priceFrom ₱1,741.07 PHP
African Rose QuartzAfrican Rose Quartz
African Rose Quartz Sale priceFrom ₱1,159.82 PHP
Amethyst Sale priceFrom ₱2,588.39 PHP
Angelite Sale price₱4,299.00 PHP
Baltic Tree AmberBaltic Tree Amber
Baltic Tree Amber Sale priceFrom ₱1,950.00 PHP
Black Onyx 6mmBlack Onyx 6mm
Black Onyx 6mm Sale price₱3,299.00 PHP
Black Onyx 8mmBlack Onyx 8mm
Black Onyx 8mm Sale price₱4,299.00 PHP
Black SunstoneBlack Sunstone
Black Sunstone Sale price₱3,799.00 PHP
Bloodstone Sale priceFrom ₱1,199.00 PHP
Blue ChalcedonyBlue Chalcedony
Blue Chalcedony Sale priceFrom ₱2,950.00 PHP
Blue Kyanite 8mmBlue Kyanite 8mm
Blue Kyanite 8mm Sale price₱18,999.00 PHP
Bronzite 6mmBronzite 6mm
Bronzite 6mm Sale priceFrom ₱1,159.82 PHP
Bronzite Maxbeads™Bronzite Maxbeads™
Bronzite Maxbeads™ Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Burmese GarnetBurmese Garnet
Burmese Garnet Sale priceFrom ₱2,141.96 PHP
Burmese JadeBurmese Jade
Burmese Jade Sale price₱5,999.00 PHP
Carnelian 8mmCarnelian 8mm
Carnelian 8mm Sale price₱3,999.00 PHP
Chrysanthemum StoneChrysanthemum Stone
Chrysanthemum Stone Sale priceFrom ₱1,299.00 PHP
Chrysoberyl Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Chrysoberyl MaxBeads™Chrysoberyl MaxBeads™
Chrysoberyl MaxBeads™ Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Citrine 6mmCitrine 6mm
Citrine 6mm Sale price₱3,999.00 PHP
Citrine 8mmCitrine 8mm
Citrine 8mm Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Crystal QuartzCrystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz Sale price₱3,299.00 PHP
Dragon BloodstoneDragon Bloodstone
Dragon Bloodstone Sale price₱3,499.00 PHP
Dumortierite Sale priceFrom ₱1,799.00 PHP
Egyptian Lapis Lazuli 8mmEgyptian Lapis Lazuli 8mm
Egyptian Lapis Lazuli 8mm Sale price₱7,999.00 PHP
Sold outFluorite Pocket™ 10.1 gFluorite Pocket™ 10.1 g
Fluorite Pocket™ 10.1 g Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Sold outFluorite Pocket™ 11.2 gFluorite Pocket™ 11.2 g
Fluorite Pocket™ 11.2 g Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Sold outFluorite Pocket™ 11.3 gFluorite Pocket™ 11.3 g
Fluorite Pocket™ 11.3 g Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Sold outFluorite Pocket™ 6.8 gFluorite Pocket™ 6.8 g
Fluorite Pocket™ 6.8 g Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Glacier JadeGlacier Jade
Glacier Jade Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian
Gold Sheen Obsidian Sale price₱4,299.00 PHP
Golden Tiger EyeGolden Tiger Eye
Golden Tiger Eye Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Green Aventurine 8mmGreen Aventurine 8mm
Green Aventurine 8mm Sale price₱3,999.00 PHP
Green Prehnite 6mmGreen Prehnite 6mm
Green Prehnite 6mm Sale price₱3,799.00 PHP
Green Prehnite 8mmGreen Prehnite 8mm
Green Prehnite 8mm Sale price₱4,899.00 PHP
Sold outImperial Mountain Jade 6mmImperial Mountain Jade 6mm
Imperial Mountain Jade 6mm Sale priceFrom ₱3,348.21 PHP
Imperial Mountain Jade 8mmImperial Mountain Jade 8mm
Imperial Mountain Jade 8mm Sale price₱11,499.00 PHP
Iron PyriteIron Pyrite
Iron Pyrite Sale priceFrom ₱1,650.00 PHP
Jet TourmalineJet Tourmaline
Jet Tourmaline Sale price₱5,499.00 PHP
Kunzite 9mmKunzite 9mm
Kunzite 9mm Sale price₱7,999.00 PHP
Labradorite 6mmLabradorite 6mm
Labradorite 6mm Sale price₱4,999.00 PHP
Larvikite Sale price₱3,799.00 PHP
Lava Stones 6mmLava Stones 6mm
Lava Stones 6mm Sale priceFrom ₱1,070.54 PHP
Lepidolite Sale price₱7,141.96 PHP
Moroccan SunstoneMoroccan Sunstone
Moroccan Sunstone Sale priceFrom ₱1,499.00 PHP
Namibian Green Opal 8mmNamibian Green Opal 8mm
Namibian Green Opal 8mm Sale price₱4,399.00 PHP
Namibian TurquoiseNamibian Turquoise
Namibian Turquoise Sale priceFrom ₱1,299.00 PHP
Natural Carnelian 6mmNatural Carnelian 6mm
Natural Carnelian 6mm Sale price₱3,299.00 PHP